14 years of store front in pictures

2000 was the year when Mr. Kanwalnain Bedi decided to start a Custom Picture Framing store on this location.

Two companies were established in the same location: U-Like Art & Frames and ABC Photocolour. At that moment this was the location where the photographers will drop photographic "rolls" and then they will pick up the pictures developed in paper.

U-Like Art & Frames was an art gallery as well, but the main focus was Custom Picture Framing. However, they start offering the service of Passport photos and Fax.

In 2006 Ms. Surinder Mann decided to buy Mr. Bedi business and at this point I prefer everybody to read this very well written story by Yellow Pages about them


Once Ms. Mann took control of the business, she decided to stop the fax service.

One day in 2011 I visited Ms. Mann's shop. I was looking for a 96x40 inches plexy glass. She was taking passport photos and I was waiting a line of 4 clients. One client left and I saw that Ms. Mann needs help with Photoshop. I did some video tutorials for her showing how to remove the background on pictures.

We became friends and she has the idea to create a formal photo studio to take family portraits. After 3 years we made it happen and we decided to create a unique Corporation in order to fusion All Like and Frames and Crystal Reality Digital Effects, which it was my home-based business at that moment.

After we put this green sign, lots of people were asking: "Do you take passport photos?" and we realized that we need to change that sign and to give more importance to the services instead of the name of the business and this is how it look at the end.

That's better and more people stoped asking if we take passport photos. They just asked if we take visa photos. Any way, we took pictures for all visas and passports of all countries, all sizes and different head sizes and conditions.

Everything was ok, but at 3:35 PM on August 24, 2016 an accident happened. No body was injured. A car crashed on the store front breaking the frame and glass of the window.

The sound of the crash was very laud and several business owners came off from their shops to have a look.

The emergency crew came right away.

An emergency repair happened after.

And.. I decided to create my own manual artistic emergency advertising because the shop looks like is out of business.

After some time, ICBC paid the value of the frame of the window and the glass to the owner of the building. Also, they paid me the value of the vinyl sign that I have previously on the window.

On April 4, 2017 I changed the sign in order to focus more on 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Video Production and Professional Photography and the following is the result.

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